Petition for Public Records Order (Enterprise Zones)

Oregon Department of Justice
Last updated: 4/18/2013

The Oregon Department of Justice has ordered the Oregon Department of Revenue to release employment data about Enterprise Zones, a major tax subsidy program estimated to cost Oregon taxpayers over $75 million in the next two years. This order comes just weeks after the Department of Justice ordered Business Oregon to disclose similar information for the Strategic Investment Program, reinforcing that there is a “strong public interest” in disclosing the information.
In February, the Department of Revenue denied key portions of a request by the Oregon State Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG) to reveal information about the Enterprise Zone program, in which corporations receive a property tax break in exchange for a promise to create jobs and spur economic growth. OSPIRG had requested that the Department of Revenue disclose the recipients of this tax subsidy and what those recipients delivered in exchange for the money. When the Department of Revenue redacted key information, including the number of jobs created, OSPIRG filed a petition to the Attorney General. The Department of Revenue has seven days to either release the information or file suit to appeal the Department of Justice’s decision.

To read the full response, download the Petition for Public Records Disclosure Order.

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