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Comment on BridgeSpan Health Company's Proposed Individual Health Insurance Rates

BridgeSpan Health Company—a new health insurer affiliated with Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon through a parent company, Cambia Health Solutions—has proposed premium rates for its individual and family plans for 2014. OSPIRG Foundation's analysis raises questions about the insurer's justification for the proposal, and about BridgeSpan's efforts to reduce costs by cutting waste and focusing on prevention.

Report | OSPIRG Foundation | Health Care

Comments on LifeWise Health Plan's Proposal for Individual Health Insurance Rates

LifeWise Health Plan of Oregon has proposed premium rates for its individual and family plans for 2014. After careful analysis of LifeWise’s initial filing and the supplemental information provided, OSPIRG Foundation's analysis questions whether the insurer has provided sufficient information to evaluate the justification for their proposed rate.

Report | OSPIRG Foundation | Health Care

Comment on Moda Health Plan's Proposed Individual Health Insurance Rates


Moda Health Plan—formerly known as ODS Health Plan—has proposed premium rates for its individual and family plans for 2014. Moda’s proposed rates are the lowest filed for an insurer in Oregon’s Individual market. While Moda’s product is inexpensive relative to the competition, it remains critical to examine the justification for their rate.


Something remarkable just happened to health insurance costs here in Oregon. Last week, after the state’s health insurers posted their proposed premium rates for next year, two insurers publicly reversed course and moved to cut their prices.

Report | OSPIRG Foundation | Health Care

Advancing Accountability, Cutting Health Care Waste

Since 2010, close scrutiny of health insurance rate hikes has cut over $80 million in waste and unjustified costs from health insurance premiums in Oregon, according to a new OSPIRG Foundation report. The report also identifies changes to Oregon’s rate review program that would effectively tackle the biggest driver of costs: waste in the health care delivery system.

The Supreme Court and the High Cost of Rx Drugs

By | Jesse Ellis O'Brien
Policy Director

Everyone knows prescription drugs cost more than they should. But many people are surprised to learn about one of the key ways drug companies keep prices high: Paying off competitors to keep generics off the market.

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Public comment sought on rules for Oregon health insurance exchange

State officials are holding a hearing Wednesday to receive public comment on rules for the state's health insurance exchange -- essentially an online marketplace for consumers called for by federal health reforms.

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Malpractice Legislation Nearly Ready to See Daylight

After months of negotiations between trial lawyers and physicians, legislators are optimistic about reaching a consensus on medical malpractice reform when they gather in Salem next month. All along the goal has been to find a way of reducing lawsuits while creating a safer patient environment.

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What's Next on Health Care Costs?

Now that the election is over, talk has turned to the need to work together and get results for America. It's a tall order, and on the polarized issue of health care, it may seem at first like an impossible task. But I am hopeful that we can make significant progress together.


For the first time, the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange brought in consumers and outside experts to review their designs for their online marketplace. I was there, and here’s some of what I learned.


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