OSPIRG’s Consumer Watch 

A summary of local and national consumer alerts from your local consumer advocates.

OSPIRG publishes a weekly digest to summarize the latest news and alerts for local consumers. 

• FTC Announces new internet privacy rules for children –The Federal Trade Commission is looking at new privacy rules for children, whom they state as “very tech savvy but judgment poor”. This is an extremely important and ever-changing concern to many parents and online consumers. It’s also a great reminder of the Federal Government’s internet safety tips for kids and OSPIRG’s identity theft prevention tips for adults.

• Safety Recall – Target has recalled the Chefmate 6-Speed blender due to serious laceration hazard. 11 cases have been reported for the product that has been sold nation-wide. 304,000 units sold between September 2007 and Feburary 2011 are being recalled. For more information see Consumer Protection Ssaftey Commission

• Fire Safety Reminder – A new report by the National Fire Protection Association finds that kitchen fires are the leading cause of fire injuries and structure damage. Check out Consumer Reports News for some simple yet not always obvious tips to preventing and putting out kitchen fires.


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