OSPIRG applauds legislative progress on health care, recycling; urges further action

Oregonians saw meaningful progress on lowering medical, prescription drug and higher education costs during the 2021 legislative session, as well as victories in government transparency, waste reduction and public health.

In July, OSPIRG released our 2021 legislative scorecard to highlight the public interest issues that we and our supporters helped push through. Oregon now has legislation that requires a plan for the implementation of a public option for health care, and requires proof of reduction of consumer costs before medical consolidations.

Other victories include: the formation of a prescription drug affordability board; the creation of a student borrower bill of rights requiring student loan servicers to abide by basic consumer protections; and modernization of our state's recycling system, including requiring packaging producers to foot a portion of waste management costs.

In the next session, Oregonians can expect OSPIRG to lead the call for right to repair, campaign finance reform, and further lowering of the cost of health care.

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Photo: OSPIRG entered the 2021 legislative session with an ambitious agenda focused on reducing the cost of health care, protecting consumers, moving toward zero waste, and more. Credit: Jim Choate via Flicker, CC BY 2.0