OSPIRG’s Consumer Watch 

A summary of local and national consumer alerts from your local consumer advocates.

OSPIRG will be publishing a weekly digest to summarize the latest news and alerts for local consumers. 

• Rising Textbook Prices - With Oregon Universities back in class this month, it’s a great time to remind students about ways to avoid rising textbook prices. Students spend an average of $900 per year on textbooks, which is 25% of the average tuition. There are many ways for a student to be a smart shopper, including renting textbooks, buying e-books and older textbook editions if possible. Check out the national coverage on CNN.com and more from Textbook Rebellion.

• Food Recall - 185,000 pounds of ground turkey have been recalled by Arkansas based Cargill Meat Solutions due to possible salmonella contamination. This is a nation wide recall, for more information check the USDA's release.

• Safety Reminder - With the end of the outdoor swimming season approaching, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a reminder of indoor water hazards for young children. This includes baths, bath seats and buckets. For more information of possible drowning hazards see the USCPS release and report.


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