Medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. Oregon is working to help people avoid that fate.

Open enrollment for 2019 health care plans runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, and due to the $54 million in state funding to help insurance companies cover claims over $95,000, Oregonians have more options for stable, affordable health insurance plans. Oregon is now the third state to allocate government funds to help mitigate the risk of the highest insurance claims.

"It is genuinely working and that's pretty cool," says OSPIRG Health Care Advocate Mark Griffith in response to the new funding plan. "[We're] happy to see Oregon following up on this."

The plan will provide stable health insurance to hundreds of thousands of people and provide access to a wider variety of plans in counties across the state. In 2019, Oregonians will see the lowest rate increases in three years.

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Photo Caption: Many still face the possibility of financial ruin in the face of healthcare costs.

Photo Credit: Sirtravelalot via Shutterstock