Oregonians are feeling the pinch of health care premiums.

A new report released April 17 by OSPIRG Foundation found that individual health insurance premiums are on the rise, due in part to overall rising health care costs and disruptive policy changes by the Trump administration and Congress. The average monthly premium for the second-cheapest silver plan on the marketplace was $443 in 2019, nearly double the cost of a similar plan in 2014.

“Oregon needs to take on the problem of health care costs,” said Mark Griffith, OSPIRG health care advocate. “The policy options described in this report provide a path forward to improving marketplace stability and improving consumer choice.”

Currently, Oregon residents in need of low-cost, subsidized health care have a robust public option available. OSPIRG and Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell have both pointed toward expanding that public option as one way to reduce costs for all Oregonians.

Read the full report.

Photo: A new report by OSPIRG Foundation finds that the rising cost of health care is driving up the cost of insurance for all consumers, especially those who buy through the individual market. Photo Credit: Valeriya via istockphoto