How did your state representatives vote on issues that affect your health, safety and well-being?

OSPIRG's 2019 Legislative Scorecard has answers. The Aug. 19 report ranks 12 key public interest votes taken during the 2019 state legislative session and explains how lawmakers came down on the issues. Our top legislative victory? A new bill requiring drug manufacturers to give 60 days notice before significantly raising prices, which passed with overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate.

Generally pleased with some results of this year's legislative session, OSPIRG State Director Charlie Fisher also pointed toward some shortcomings, like the Legislature's failure to safeguard personal data online, confront e-waste or reform campaign finance.

"While we’re proud of what was accomplished during the legislative session," said Charlie, "more needs to be done to make sure the public interest is represented in Salem.”

This year's Legislative Scorecard can be found in full on OSPIRG's website.

Read the full scorecard.

Photo: OSPIRG State Director Charlie Fisher briefs canvassers on the 2019 scorecard. Credit: Staff