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We need to come together and do what it takes to stop COVID, and save lives.

More than 525,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Many of those deaths were unnecessary, the sad result of failed leadership from public officials not doing what it takes to respond effectively to the health threat.  

Although there’s reason for optimism as more and more people get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, it’s not time to let our guard down yet. Unfortunately, many state governors are moving too quickly to lift restrictions that help curb the spread of COVID-19. 

If we ever want to get this virus under control, and get some semblance of our lives back, we have to start doing things differently, and our leaders need to help us make the collective sacrifices it will take to save the lives of our family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.

Matt Wellington, public health campaign director, appeared on MSNBC to show that more than 1,000 health professionals signed an open letter urging President Trump and state governors to take immediate action in order to save lives.
Stay the course, slow the spread

Widespread suffering and death are not inevitable. According to a recent expert commission, we could have averted roughly 40 percent of COVID-19 deaths if the United States had responded to the threat as similarly wealthy countries did. 

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 as people await vaccination, it’s essential that state governors keep common sense restrictions, like mask wearing and closures of high risk businesses, in place. 

A clear path to recovery

To defeat COVID-19 and get our country back on the road to recovery, we need to follow through on what public health professionals have been saying all along: Get cases extremely low, and then keep them that way through an aggressive testing, tracing and isolation protocol. At the same time, we need to use all of our resources and ingenuity to vaccinate broad swaths of the public against the coronavirus. 

What it takes to stop COVID and save lives

If we don’t take all of these actions, or stop at half measures, then the consequences will be measured in even more suffering and death. Few people living today remember what it was like to live through a world war, but that’s what we’re in, and we’re going to have to sacrifice if we want to save ourselves and each other. Just as the greatest generation did, we need to step up to what history has delivered.

That’s why we're organizing an army of medical experts, caregivers, emergency workers and everyday people, calling on our leaders to do what it takes to beat COVID. We’re calling on state and federal lawmakers to tell us the truth about the virus, even when it’s hard; to take bold action to save lives, even when it means shutting down again; to harness our collective resources to provide the testing and contact tracing it will take to contain the virus, and vaccinate enough people to eventually end the pandemic. 

Send a message to your governor

Hundreds of Americans are dying from COVID every day, and the death toll will continue to climb until our leaders fully commit to defeating the virus.