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OSPIRG Issues Correction for July 16 County Trends Report

Josephine County moved from “failing” to “green,” no other recommendations changed

SALEM - OSPIRG has identified several minor errors and one major error in the original version of this report, released on July 17th, 2020. Accordingly, we are releasing an updated report with corrections. The following changes have been made:

  • Due to a data entry error, case counts for Jackson, Jefferson, and Josephine Counties were incorrect. We have corrected the figures.

  • Josephine County was moved to “Green” as a result of this change. Accordingly, we are not calling for a lockdown in that community. 

  • Sherman County was moved to “Red” as a result of this change. This does not change our recommendations related to Sherman County.

  • Due to a data entry error, Benton County was incorrectly listed as “Green.” We have moved it to “Yellow.” Since there are no current plans to lift restrictions further anywhere in Oregon, this does not change any recommendations related to Benton County.

  • Clatsop County was placed out of alphabetical order under the “Green” section. This has been corrected.

  • Daily case chart for Yamhill County incorrectly showed figures for Umatilla County. The chart has been replaced with the correct figures.

  • Several metrics were given the wrong color grade for some counties, despite having correct figures.

OSPIRG takes the integrity of our research extremely seriously, and we aim to be fully transparent when we make mistakes. However, we do stand by our numbers and recommendations – and after a full review, we do not believe there are any further errors in the data. Fortunately, the only recommendations we had to change were connected to Josephine County.

We welcome constructive criticism and feedback, and encourage members of the public to contact us when we make a mistake. As Oregon continues to fight to contain COVID-19, we will continue to track these critical metrics and issue recommendations.


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