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Tips for Getting the Right Cell Phone Plan

Deciding whether or not to sign up for another two year cell phone contract can be a tough decision for many consumers.  A new step-by-step flowchart, out today from OSPIRG, can help many consumers sort through their choices and find a cell phone plan that fits their needs and budget. 

The resource, "How do I find a cell phone plan that's right for me?," provides a step-by-step, at-a-glance guide for knowing how much data you might need in your cell plan, how to compare the costs of prepaid and contract plans and tips for getting the best deal once you're in the store. There are also tips for how to save money when trying to leave a contract plan.

Among the key tips is to look at the monthly costs and the phone costs over the course of a contract and compare that price with prepaid plans and the cost of buying a phone outright.

"Without knowing what kind of phone plan you'll need before going shopping, it is all too easy to pay far more than the cost of just the services you want" said OSPIRG's Evan Preston. "That's why OSPIRG published a step-by-step guide to let consumers quickly find the right plans for their wants and then compare those plans with each other dollar-for-dollar."


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