Oregon Voter Registration enters the 21st Century

Today, Oregon's Voter Registration system enters the 21st Century, as Governor Kulongoski signed HB 2386 into law. This new law will create a way for Oregon residents to register to vote and change their voter registration address on the Internet.

Oregonians with drivers licenses or state IDs will soon be able to log on to a special website where they can register to vote, or if they are already registered, they can easily change their address when they move.

OSPIRG thanks the Governor for signing the legislation, as well as Secretary of State Kate Brown and Representatives Ben Cannon and Jefferson Smith for being the driving forces behind the bill.

This is fantastic for our democracy, as so many people now look for government services online, especially young voters who tend to move frequently. People risk being denied the ballot if they forget to fill out a change of address form and send it to the county elections office. This way, it makes registration quick and easy.

In addition, this new online registration system should save county clerks significant amount of time they currently spend dealing with hard copies of forms - and as a result this should save county governments money.

Big kudos to all involved in making this happen! OSPIRG was proud to join groups like the Bus Project, the League of Women Voters, Oregon Student Association and Democracy Reform Oregon to make this happen.

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