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Maribeth Guarino,
High Value Health Care Advocate, OSPIRG

From avoiding necessary health care to racking up new debts to address outstanding medical bills, many patients feel the effects of medical debt years after their hospital stays and routine health care procedures. If you, like so many others, do end up getting weighed down by medical debt, here are tips that you can use to lower the financial burden facing you and your family.

Health Care Advocate Maribeth Guarino is part of two rulemaking committees formed as part of bills OSPIRG helped pass last session.

Catch up on where the bill is and how we got here.

OSPIRG Intern Sophie is back with an update on three prescription drug bills as they make their way through the legislative process.

Health insurance is complicated and no one teaches you how it works, so OSPIRG intern Ashley Hilfer breaks down the basics.